Monday, May 30, 2011

Young Designer in NYC 2

Moma is great, but its all from the past. PS1(public school 1), its little brother gallery located in Queens displays the up and coming. Excellent gallery, beautiful building.

"The minute you think the past was better, your present is secondhand, and yourself becomes vintage." -Karl Lagerfeld

Friday, May 27, 2011

Young Designer in NYC

Hey everyone! Ahh, sorry about starting this off so late! I was pretty busy with this past month, New York Design Week and my firm is working on a ton of new stuff, which is great!... Anyways I'm not really much of a writer so what I plan to do is post some quick tips and suggestions I think the design center brain might enjoy in NYC area!

First things first, the selection is crazy in New York, but a smart move is to always have cash on hand, alot of the best 'cheaper' places don't take plastic. One being Calexico, which serves gourmet Mexican food. They have 3 locations in Brooklyn and are reopening their mobile cart in Soho, in my firm's neck of the woods!

I got more post soon to come!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Furnish a balcony

You a share of €12,500 and exhibit as part of Garden Unique, which takes place at Koelnmesse in Cologne from 4 to 6 September.

Task Definition
Develop a design concept for your dream balcony with new furniture ideas!

Benefits for the creatives
Participants in the contest not only have the chance to win the community prize but three jury prizes will also be awarded. The winners selected by the jury will be given the opportunity to have their design built as a 3-D model, which will then be exhibited in the garden unique area. They will also be able to personally present their design to an audience of specialists. The other ideas selected by the jury and community will also be displayed in a special exhibition in the garden unique area. What makes this contest special is that manufacturers can purchase ideas and designs from the contest so your designs actually stand a chance of being turned into a reality.

You have 14 days left for this competition...
details here. (

good luck!

Enjoy Your Summer!

Be productive! Work in the design field! Volunteer! Work on side projects! Improve skills! Visit faraway lands! Or not. Just hope everyone's having a good summer so far.

Lol, summer, ID blog style.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Society and Attractiveness (WARNING: Depressing)

Documentary : Sexy Girls Have It Easy from Bright Hand Pictures on Vimeo.

A woman begs for things like cake and free taxi rides, first as simply herself and then later in heels and make-up. Watch the video for the results.

Why does beauty affect the way humans handle everyday situations? How does this relate to design?

Is a product that functions in an efficient and simple-to-use manner still a "good" design if it is not attractive?

(That was a stretch, I know...)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Seven things

I came across this the other day, its a nice read:

Seven Things Designers Can Learn from Stand Up Comics

(click above) enjoy!

Monday, May 16, 2011

If you haven't done so already, take a minute to fill out CIDSA's 2010/2011 Feedback Survey. We're taking your input seriously as we plan for the upcoming school year!

Regarding PREMATURE Patina


Thursday, May 12, 2011

umbra event

Here's a last minute post, but if you're in town with nothing to do...
Umbra x Pivot Design x RIM are having a panel discussion tonight at the Umbra Concept Store.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Humanity's Information Age Metamorphosis

Presumably marijuana-induced ramblings by Daniel Cofeen at

Cofeen discusses how the concept of "work" has changed and how the human body is not necessarily built for these changes. Some excerpts:

This world is breeding a body that does not want to move, a body that is not physically vital. Sure, there are gyms, these ghettos of movement. But I’m not sure mindless, concerted movement breeds a healthy body. Watching tv while working an exercise bike ensures that we remain locked into the information economy, to the exchange of the new capital: images.
. . .
Marcuse calls this the body of labor. But that’s not quite right because the very nature of labor has changed — and this new labor doesn’t want a body at all. It wants a brain that can fill in the gaps between machines, between computers.
. . .
And the shitty things is, this whole thing is gonna come crashing down and we’ll need to be strong, really fucking strong, to survive. But by then we’ll be shriveled, mere husks left to be blown away by the mighty winds that come.

Click here to read the full article.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Design for Life

Has anyone seen this series through? Is it worth watching? I'm intrigued, but if not, I could probably find something better to do with twelve hours of my life... actually, maybe not.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rocket 2011: ID Grad Projects from 3 Schools

Rahim Bhimani, Minh Dao, Charles Doiron, Emmanuel Guerra Günzel, Jospeh Healy, Alëna Iouguina

William Lau, Andrew Lowe, Teddy Luong, Megan Marin, Corey McMahon, Jordan Palmer

Regarding Patina

An interesting article on patina by Remy Labesque.


The truth is that consumer products are ‘new’ for a very brief moment when they are first removed from the packaging, but spend the great majority of their useful lives as ‘used’ products in the process of decay. Many welcome the breaking-in of products like a leather wallet or a pair of jeans as this wear can be aesthetically-pleasing. The Japanese have a term for this, “Wabi-sabi”.

Wabi-sabi can be used to describe the aesthetically pleasing wear of an object as it decays over time. It’s a notion that embraces the transience of objects and celebrates the purity of the imperfect. Aging with dignity is a criteria designers should recognize in their efforts. I’m thinking of a future when products are designed not for the brief moment when they are new, but for when they have been aged to perfection.

The remainder of the article is somewhat dry in comparison, but you can read it here.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

We are #51.

A compilation of the 50 best blogs for industrial design students to read, via

Among them (barring the obvious ones),

5. Industrial Design Served
10. Get It Made
15. Design Mind
35. FastCo Design
50. Plastics News

Click HERE for the full list

Friday, May 6, 2011

OCAD University's 96th Graduate Exhibition

OCAD's grad show is happening this weekend, if you're in the GTA and interested in seeing what other art/design students are up to. Peeps are meeting outside of OCAD tomorrow, Saturday, May 7th at 1:00 PM if you're into the whole group lurking thing.

Maya Prasasto: Zombie Hair

We've all fallen victims of the post all-nighter spell after numerous hours spent at studio: emerging in the morning with bloodshot eyes and zombie hair--it happens to the best of us. Nevertheless, hard work certainly pays off and is evident through Maya's works. Follow along her thought process on past and future projects to come.

The Electrolyte Appendix

Protofarm 2050: Electrocyte Appendix from Design Indaba on Vimeo.

Design Indaba
Video: From Protofarm 2050 - The Electrocyte Appendix is a human organ for converting blood sugar into electricity...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


May I suggest Art & Copy?

It wasn't terrific (to be fair, what is?), I found it to be a pretty one-sided look at the industry's success stories, neglecting to explore 'the bad' referenced so frequently. On the other hand, I always find listening to creative types talk about their work to be rewarding. Not to mention the nostalgia factor -- how could you not want to re-experience advertisements from the 90's?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Vote Vote Vote!

It's election day! You can vote until 9:30pm today at your designated polling station.

Some information you might want to know:

1. Where do I vote? How do I know where I'm supposed to go? You can only vote at your designated polling station unless you have a transfer statement. Click the link to find where to vote in your riding.

2. What do I need to bring in order to vote? Bring your driver's license. If you can't find that, make sure you have two pieces of ID that lists both your name and address (i.e. your health card and a bank statement). If you don't have any of that, you can get a registered voter with the right identification to vouch for you (i.e. your neighbour, your parents.)

3. I hate the Harper Government, how to I vote strategically and make sure it doesn't happen again? Check out the recent polls of your riding and then make your decision. It's too late to swap votes now, but you could live in a strategic riding, which means you might have to change your vote from NDP to Liberal, or to Conservative, if that's what you want. Remember, Harper can gain a majority with only 35% of votes!

4. Why should I vote? Well, you can design the society you want. Only 22% of our demographic turned out to vote at the 2000 election. Get on that shit kids.