Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Humanity's Information Age Metamorphosis

Presumably marijuana-induced ramblings by Daniel Cofeen at ThoughtCatalog.com

Cofeen discusses how the concept of "work" has changed and how the human body is not necessarily built for these changes. Some excerpts:

This world is breeding a body that does not want to move, a body that is not physically vital. Sure, there are gyms, these ghettos of movement. But I’m not sure mindless, concerted movement breeds a healthy body. Watching tv while working an exercise bike ensures that we remain locked into the information economy, to the exchange of the new capital: images.
. . .
Marcuse calls this the body of labor. But that’s not quite right because the very nature of labor has changed — and this new labor doesn’t want a body at all. It wants a brain that can fill in the gaps between machines, between computers.
. . .
And the shitty things is, this whole thing is gonna come crashing down and we’ll need to be strong, really fucking strong, to survive. But by then we’ll be shriveled, mere husks left to be blown away by the mighty winds that come.

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