Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ottawa Chair

Karim Rashid's New Chair, Ottawa. Part of a new collection including tables, chairs, a sideboard and cabinet for BoConcept.

February (Click on the date for more information!)

This Month's Events:

Jan. 31 – Feb. 5: Candela (electric light installations by professional artists to raise interest in lighting design. At Cube Gallery)

27 – Feb 21: Taste of Winterlude (A huge food and wine lineup to offer a feast of culinary experiences!)

2: Ottawa Burleque Collective (A first time event of debauchery. So many tassels..)

2-4: Ottawa Winter Jazzfest

3: Fire and Lights from 1812 to 2012 (Winterlude opening ceremony, free museum admission, fireworks, and a dance party to end the night!)

3: 21st Annual Stew Cook-Off (to kick off Winterlude!)

3: Bowich Curry House (a night filled with a series of regional Indian dishes)

3 - 20: Winterlude (An outdoor winter celebration! You can’t miss it. It’s everywhere)

4: “For the Love of Dance” Multi-Cultural Dance Show and Fundraiser

4: Spin-a-thon Fundraiser for Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre (6 hours of spinning = thighs of the strongest steel…andamantium)

6: China Carnival Spring Gala ( to celebrate Chinese New Year, performances, music and dance)

9: Volunteer Marketplace (need a volunteering job?)

10: Sexapolooza

11: Fete Frissons (Pancake breakfast and skating in Orleans)

11: FESTIVAL OF CHOCOLATE (chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, ottawa firefighters!)

11: The Psychic Experience (I dunno, just thought someone might like this!)

11 - 12: Canadian Ski Marathon (the trail = Gatineau-Montebello-Lachute)

14: Stargazing: Valentine’s Day (Canada Science and Technology Museum gives you a romantic night under the stars. Free.)

14: Artistika: Love Art Party (they have a massage lounge and kissing booth…and interpretive dance. Good way to spend V-Day)

17: The 2012 Xerox Corporate Challenge (an on-ice obstacle course relay for the Heart and Stroke Foundation)

17-19: Fashion Week (National and International designers showcase their work)

17 – 19: Gatineau Loppet (The biggest event of cross-country skiing in Canada!)

17 – 20: The Great Backyard Bird Count (Bird watchers, unite!)

18 – 20: Funatorium Explorium Family Extravaganza (something for Family Day)

19: Antique Skateboards’ Social Book Exchange (Skateboarders sick of people thinking they can’t read, so they’re holding a book exchange at Oz Kafe. Bring a book!)

24: Brazilian Night II (live samba, bossa nova, brazilian popular music, and appetizers)

26: Ottawa Dancer’s Bazaar (a wide selection of merchandise for burlesque and belly dancers)

28 – Mar. 4: VERSefest (a celebration of poetry)

29: Voices of Venus Presents Women Slam Winners (Slam poetry)

Longer Term Events:

Currency Museum, Feb. 4-5, 11-12, 18-19: Wintermuse (what do beavers and furs have in common with money?)

Museum of Science and Technology, Dec. 8 – June 2012: From the Farm to the Freeway (Biocomposite Plastics)

Museum of Science and Technology, Nov. 5 – April 9 2012: SiO2 (The Science of Glass)

Fulton's Pancake House and Sugar Bush, Feb. 18 – April 22: It’s far but who wouldn’t travel for pancakes? It’s also a Canadian tradition and free

Bytown Museum, Jan. 24 – May 27: Six Moments in the History of The Urban Forest (trees on the


National Art Gallery, Dec. 9 – Apr. 1: Made in America 1900-1950 (A collection of historic photographs)

Every Month:

Spins and Needles (different workshop every month)

Basement Artists at Babylon (local visual artists and rocking music)

La Petite Mort Gallery One Night Stand (different one every month)

Lululemon Yoga and Run Club (free every week)

Trailer Park Bingo at Zaphod`s every Sunday at 9:00-ish (it’s free and you get prizes!)

Mod night at Babylon every Sunday night

80’s night at Barrymore’s every Sunday

90’s night at Barrymore’s every Thursday

Monday, January 30, 2012


Student membership with ACIDO is now free, and students can promote themselves as Ontarian designers with their own profile page. A couple of our own peers; Vincent, Foong-Ling, XinRan and Alan have already signed up just to name a few...ACIDO also has a facebook filled with great news, check it out here.

For more information, visit their website.

Shea Hembrey: How I became 100 artists

Dyson Competition!

Calling for entrants!!

The James Dyson Award invites engineering and design students from across the globe to submit their pioneering ideas – yearend projects or inventions they’ve developed. The winner receives $10,000 to develop their invention with an additional $10,000 to their university.

Submit your ideas or projects for inclusion in the 2012 James Dyson Awards and get the opportunity to see your project from conception to finish.

Previous winners have solved issues from everyday energy solutions to affordable prosthetic limbs - each an original way to answer a problem, big or small.

Check out their site for more details!

I'm hungry...

This is just a very nicely done video. Might put a smile on your face. Or make your tummy growl.

Monday, January 23, 2012

IDEA 2012

Calling for design entries for the annual International Design Excellence Awards! For more info visit their website here, the deadline is February 10th!!

Searching for Meaning

Recently in my Social Psychology class, there was a discussion on the self-fulfilling prophecy. Always aim high, this video is just a bit of inspiration given by Viktor Frankl, holocaust survivor and author of numerous books. He wrote the world famous, Search for Meaning, which chronicles his experience in Nazi concentration camps from his perspective as a psychologist.


A lot of you are going to the Interior Design Show this weekend and are wondering what it's going to be like. Will there be a lot of inspiring work? Will I be a hit at all the afterparties? Will Karim Rashid tell me I have great dance moves? Will a studio finally see how talented I look and offer me a job? What does the Anthony Frank Keeler Lamp really look like?

I don't actually know the answers to those questions and you will find them on the weekend. However, here are some photos from last year's IDS to get you excited about what's coming.

The amazing origami lamps from Andrew Ooi

A light system inspired by Buckminster Fuller and one of his students, by Michal Maciej Bartosik. The lattice structure provides immense support for the weight of the lights.

Honeycomb wall decor.

These tinkle wonderfully when you move them, like a wind chime.

By the always wonderful Rich Brilliant Willing.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

SUBURBAN? This is where you live.

An in-depth overview of the IWB's innovative economic, environmental and social work in Markham.

Institute Without Borders, 230 Richmon St E

Jennifer Draws (Badly)

I want to win things and get free things. If you are bored here is a video of me drawing something. I decided I need to sketch more + document more, and I love watching videos of people drawing fast forwarded, so here's one of me doing all those things. #notboredathome

- Jennifer

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blogging Sweepstakes

For the next month, contributing to the blog gives you an opportunity to win prizes! We want to see your pictures, read your words, and watch your videos! Post about your projects, past or present, ask for feedback, or share information with your colleagues -- Content doesn't need to be original, link to things that have inspired you! Don't worry about being serious, or well spoken, just blogggggggg. To become a contributor, email remi.ogundokun@gmail.com with 'Blog Contributor' in the subject line, or sign-in using our anonymous account. Username: carleton.id.blog@gmail.com / Password: Tropical 37

Can't wait to hear from you!
 The rules:
-Each post you write counts as a single ballot in the prize raffle. The more posts, the higher your chances of winning
-Five posts during the contest period earn you an awesome SID pin!
-Posts will not be evaluated for quality, but spam or disingenuine posts will be discounted
-If posting with the anonymous account, be sure to include your name

Night ski & snowboarding trip!

CIDSA's annual ski and snowboarding trip to Mount Cascades was a hit! The students (and a couple professors) braved the cold Gatineau winds and frosty conditions as they successfully - or not so successfully - made their way up and down the mountain. The night was full of snowy trails, good laughs, sore butts, and a couple pitchers of beer :) Can't wait for the next one in February!

Friday, January 20, 2012

A Love Letter to Kickstarter

[This is a discussion on the business of Kickstarter and Quirky and why I love/hate them. Lately I've been thinking that there is a lot of "this is cool" and not enough of "this if what I think" on here, so here's what I think, There are interesting points and maybe opinions you don't agree with. I'd love to know what you think about what I think. Go on, have a read! - Jennifer]

Kickstarter, I love you. I know it's taken me a long time to come out and say it, but I think you are truly a beautiful thing. I love that you bring people who make things and people who appreciate well made things together. I love that you let brilliant projects that would normally be shot down by large corporations be funded by the effort of thousands of everyday people. I love that I can fall in love with an idea and receive it months later, having the satisfaction of knowing that I had a hand in it.

But you know what? I think you're doing it wrong.

Surely everybody, not just me, have been fascinated by Kickstarter. It imbues one with a sense of pride and community -- a sense of "hey, maybe I can do it too!". I know I always dig out my sketchbook after a good Kickstarter browsing in search of that elusive "great" idea.

Having recently read this insightful article by Matt Haughey (this is mind opening and I would suggest reading the comments as well), I started really thinking about the business of Kickstarter and why we should be wary of it.

Friday, January 13, 2012

CIDSA Ski and Snowboard Trip!

After the huge success of last year's trip to Mont Cascade, CIDSA has brought the event back once more next Friday, January 20th. 

Meet in 1st/2nd year studio around at 5pm, the bus will be departing at 5:15 pm.

It will be 25$ in total: $10 for the bus, $5 for the rental and $10 for the lift pass. Due to this breakdown if you have your own ride or your own skis, the price will be reduced. 

Sign up sheets are up! Please indicate if you have your own ride/ ticket! We need 40 students to sign up for the bus in order to cover the cost of rental... so invite your friends!

Trailblazers and Trendspotters Design Symposium

This year’s Conversation in Design Symposium at IDS 2012 is called, “Trailblazers and Trendspotters”, it features a medley of 12 internationally acclaimed interior designers, architects, manufacturers, retailers, critics, curators, and industry leaders who will discuss what they look for when they design, create, manufacture, collect or commission contemporary design. This could be a rare networking opportunity, speakers such as Pierro Gandini (of FLOS), Amy Lau, Karim Rashid and many other acclaimed designers will be presenting.

When: Thursday January 26th, 2012. Time: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Where: Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building

Visit the website on the symposium here to find out more about the speakers coming to Toronto. For students, there is a price of $125 for a full day ticket, and $75 for a half day ticket. If you would like to register, contact Adam Levy at tickets@interiordesignshow.com or 416.960.5397 to register over the phone (which is faster).

Sketching Workshop W/ Spencer Nugent of idsketching.com

Mark your calendars, Spencer Nugent from idsketching.com is scheduled to lead a sketching lecture/workshop at the start of next month. If you're not familiar with his site, you should take a minute to check out some of his video tutorials. Students of all sketching abilities are welcome!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Meet The Student Exchange Bloggers!

A handful of SID students are getting ready to leave the country this semester, with plans to study abroad at various institutions all over the globe. Some of them have generously agreed to check-in with us from time to time, sharing their experiences on the blog. Get to know a little bit about the bloggers below, and stay tuned for updates as the year progresses!

Name: Jennifer Bin
Year: 3rd Year
Hometown: Toronto
Why go on an exchange?: My parents keep talking about how China is the future, so I'm going to have a look for myself.
Where are you going?: Jiangnan University in Wuxi, China
For how long?: 6 months for school, another few to travel/do an internship
Why there?: Wuxi boasts one of the best industrial design schools in China (some of their work have won Red Dot awards!). Also because there is good food.
Living on/off campus?: Will be living on campus
What are you most excited for?: Street food! Buying counterfeit things!
Thing you'll miss most about Carleton/Canada?: Having real diary products
Thing you'll miss least about Carleton/Canada?: The cold is pretty bad here
Travel Blog: http://travel.jenniferbin.com/

Name: Linette Brown
Year: 3rd
Hometown: Ottawa
Why go on an exchange?: I’ve wanted to do this since high school. I love traveling and since I’ve lived in Ottawa all my life, this was sort of my chance to “go away for school”. Although I guess I’m taking it a little to the extremes...
Where are you going?: University of South Australia (UniSA) in Adelaide, Australia.
For how long?: 6 MONTHS! Their term runs from mid-February to end of June, and I’ll be staying in July to travel around a bit.
Why there?: Out of the choices offered for ID exchange, this seemed like the place that I’d be least likely to find a way to visit later in life, so I figured I’d seize the opportunity now. SID has also been sending students there for a while now, so the chances of my credits transferring successfully are very high. Also, the not-winter-ness of it. ALSO, also, who doesn’t like Aussies ;)
Living on/off campus?: UniSA doesn’t have their own residence, so I’ll be staying in a student accommodation building (similar to res, or student apartments), that is owned by an outside company.
What are you most excited for?: Summer. It will be summer and I’ll be a 20min bus ride from the beach. How can I not be excited for that?
Thing you'll miss most about Carleton/Canada?: Timmies has a special place in my heart, so that’s a big one haha, but since I’m leaving at the beginning of February I’m extremely sad that I’ll be missing skating on the canal. It’s one of my favourite things so do in the winter.
Thing you'll miss least about Carleton/Canada?: The cold. I hate the cold. And worse than the cold is the slush. I am ecstatic that I will be missing slush season entirely.

Name: Heather Jeffery
Year: 3rd Year
Hometown: Coldwater, Ontario
Why go on an exchange?: An Opportunity I couldn't pass up
Where are you going?: Adelaide, Australia
For how long?: Approximately 5 months
Why there?: Because the Industrial Design program there looked really interesting and I have always wanted to travel to Australia.
Living on/off campus?: Both
What are you most excited for?: I am most excited for the flight (I have never been on a plane) and also to see how their cheap wine tastes.
Thing you'll miss most about Carleton/Canada?: I will miss skating on the rideau canal and tobogganing the most while I am gone.
Thing you'll miss least about Carleton/Canada?: I will NOT miss starting my truck, scraping the windshields and shoveling myself out of the driveway. As well as driving 3 min to my mail box.

See ya in 5 months CANADA!

Saturday CIDSA Sledding

This Saturday, January 14th at 230pm it's time to return to Mooney's bay, this time with sleds in hand in lieu of bathing suits. So Bundle up and head to the huge hill with all of your fellow students! 

Meet in first/second year studio at 2pm or meet at the hill at 230pm for a good time! 

CIDSA Masters Student Q & A

This Thursday a few of the Masters of Design students will be speaking to interested students about the program and the work that they are doing here at Carleton. The masters students are all working on fascinating projects, and it will be a great chance to see the design work that is being completed here at Carleton at the masters level.

Al├źna Konyk and Belal Alsibai will be talking to students and answering any questions students may have about their experiences and the program itself.

The facilities are really nice and so are the Masters Students so come check it out!

Friday, January 6, 2012

CIDSA Events Calendar: January

CIDSA's planned a whole bunch of events for y'all this semester, kicking things off with our Skiing/Snowboard Trip to Mount Cascade and a Circuits + Soldering workshop led by Anthony. Also, don't forget to start making arrangements for the Toronto Interior Design Show at the end of the month. Click to enlarge!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Internship Opening

Want to try theatre/set design?

Intern as a production technical intern in Chicago at the Looking Glass theatre. (a good place!)
Send your info directly to: handerson@lookingglasstheatre.org or Katie Dysard noted on the site

Summer Internships (June — August): March 1
Fall Internships (September — December): July 15
Winter/Spring Internships (January — May): October 15


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ottawa Events Calendar: January

2012 is here! Start the year off right by checking out some exciting local events.

First Semester Final Review

With the winter semester mere days away, take a second to reflect on all of your hard work from this past fall!