Thursday, November 18, 2010

Recently Read: Austin Howe - Designer's Don't Read

Austin Howe - Designer's Don't Read
Carleton Library Call # : NK1510 .H69 2009 (Floor 3)

A bunch of essays regarding (graphic) design practice. Howe stresses the importance of designing for the client's needs, working with advertising and marketing execs, being willing to defend a great design and learning from examples of successful firms.


-More targeted to graphic designers.
-Very limited insights.
-Some essays are written terribly.

-Incredibly pretentious.

-Quick read.
-A lot of (attractive) people look at you on the bus if you read it in such a way that the cover is in full view of half the passengers. Especially in the Glebe. For example:

B-T-Dubs, some decent book reviews here: