Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Third Year Birdhouse Review

After a few weeks or hard work, the third year ID students presented their finished birdhouse projects. Most students created full scale models, with a select few creating scale models. Students were divided into research groups centered around a local canadian bird and then came up with individual solutions to the design opportunities they found. 

Rylan presenting his Purple Martin Community birdhouse. 

Iris Wang's Children's Birdhouse (left) and Paul Chamandy-Cook's Refuge Birdhouse (right), designed to accomodate the needs of both blue birds and chickadees. 

The Review Room Atmosphere
Tyler Pratt presenting his Nutch birdhouse designed to showcase the quirky characteristics of the Nuthatch. 
Kyle Lunau presenting his Birdhouse designed to securely house Nuthatch's through an innovative hidden entryway, whilst also giving them a place to socialize and live comfortably 
Lena Sitnikova's Tree Swallow Birdhouse designed to bring housing back to cleared forests that have caused habitat loss for some birds 
The Occupied Birdhouse Designed by Owen Sheedy, which helps facilitate attachment to trees through a unique hanging system