Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February (Click on the date for more information!)

This Month's Events:

Jan. 31 – Feb. 5: Candela (electric light installations by professional artists to raise interest in lighting design. At Cube Gallery)

27 – Feb 21: Taste of Winterlude (A huge food and wine lineup to offer a feast of culinary experiences!)

2: Ottawa Burleque Collective (A first time event of debauchery. So many tassels..)

2-4: Ottawa Winter Jazzfest

3: Fire and Lights from 1812 to 2012 (Winterlude opening ceremony, free museum admission, fireworks, and a dance party to end the night!)

3: 21st Annual Stew Cook-Off (to kick off Winterlude!)

3: Bowich Curry House (a night filled with a series of regional Indian dishes)

3 - 20: Winterlude (An outdoor winter celebration! You can’t miss it. It’s everywhere)

4: “For the Love of Dance” Multi-Cultural Dance Show and Fundraiser

4: Spin-a-thon Fundraiser for Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre (6 hours of spinning = thighs of the strongest steel…andamantium)

6: China Carnival Spring Gala ( to celebrate Chinese New Year, performances, music and dance)

9: Volunteer Marketplace (need a volunteering job?)

10: Sexapolooza

11: Fete Frissons (Pancake breakfast and skating in Orleans)

11: FESTIVAL OF CHOCOLATE (chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, ottawa firefighters!)

11: The Psychic Experience (I dunno, just thought someone might like this!)

11 - 12: Canadian Ski Marathon (the trail = Gatineau-Montebello-Lachute)

14: Stargazing: Valentine’s Day (Canada Science and Technology Museum gives you a romantic night under the stars. Free.)

14: Artistika: Love Art Party (they have a massage lounge and kissing booth…and interpretive dance. Good way to spend V-Day)

17: The 2012 Xerox Corporate Challenge (an on-ice obstacle course relay for the Heart and Stroke Foundation)

17-19: Fashion Week (National and International designers showcase their work)

17 – 19: Gatineau Loppet (The biggest event of cross-country skiing in Canada!)

17 – 20: The Great Backyard Bird Count (Bird watchers, unite!)

18 – 20: Funatorium Explorium Family Extravaganza (something for Family Day)

19: Antique Skateboards’ Social Book Exchange (Skateboarders sick of people thinking they can’t read, so they’re holding a book exchange at Oz Kafe. Bring a book!)

24: Brazilian Night II (live samba, bossa nova, brazilian popular music, and appetizers)

26: Ottawa Dancer’s Bazaar (a wide selection of merchandise for burlesque and belly dancers)

28 – Mar. 4: VERSefest (a celebration of poetry)

29: Voices of Venus Presents Women Slam Winners (Slam poetry)

Longer Term Events:

Currency Museum, Feb. 4-5, 11-12, 18-19: Wintermuse (what do beavers and furs have in common with money?)

Museum of Science and Technology, Dec. 8 – June 2012: From the Farm to the Freeway (Biocomposite Plastics)

Museum of Science and Technology, Nov. 5 – April 9 2012: SiO2 (The Science of Glass)

Fulton's Pancake House and Sugar Bush, Feb. 18 – April 22: It’s far but who wouldn’t travel for pancakes? It’s also a Canadian tradition and free

Bytown Museum, Jan. 24 – May 27: Six Moments in the History of The Urban Forest (trees on the


National Art Gallery, Dec. 9 – Apr. 1: Made in America 1900-1950 (A collection of historic photographs)

Every Month:

Spins and Needles (different workshop every month)

Basement Artists at Babylon (local visual artists and rocking music)

La Petite Mort Gallery One Night Stand (different one every month)

Lululemon Yoga and Run Club (free every week)

Trailer Park Bingo at Zaphod`s every Sunday at 9:00-ish (it’s free and you get prizes!)

Mod night at Babylon every Sunday night

80’s night at Barrymore’s every Sunday

90’s night at Barrymore’s every Thursday