Thursday, December 8, 2011

ID Invades Milieux

A few ID Student's decided to construct an Installation for this year's Kosmic Event, now entitled Milieux. We thought we'd try to help them fill the huge venue, and show everyone what us ID kids can do. Due to the huge space we decided that a large scale installation was the only way to go. 

This year's theme was ApocalypseResurrection. Following this theme, we drew our inspiration from the recent floods in Pakistan which forced all of the spiders in the area to relocate into nearby trees. As a result of this migration, all of the tree tops became cocooned in spider webs. 

Twenty yards of Fabric, sixty 2x4s, 300 screws, 1400 square feet of synthetic spider webs, the branches of many trees and lots of manhours later five large trees (about 10 feet tall and 10 feet wide) were constructed to fill the space. Thanks to the lighting systems installed each tree was lit from a spotlight above and cycled through a variety of colors. 

We're super happy with how the installation turned out. Special thanks to our awesome team of Jon Cairns, Vince Caston-Rumebe, Jorge Hernan Correa, Ben Miller, Laura Moor and Michelle Zheng and everyone else who helped us along the way! 

The Installation Proposal 

Stretching out the spider webs
Stretching the Webs onto the Branches

The completed trees before they were lit up
View from below!
The trees among the crowd
Alight at night!