Sunday, January 16, 2011

Toboganning photos!

For those who missed us on Friday, CIDSA had a toboganning event at Mooney's bay. We all headed out in the afternoon with hot chocolate, marshmallows and tobogans (or something to slide on). The hill had questionable patches of green near the top, but was really icy wherever there was snowcover. I was surprised no one came with their own tobogan creation, but we had some people test cardboard and vinyl on the slopes. (Neither made it far) We also did a mini race/competition with all the toboganners but half of them wiped out within the first three meters.(probably out of nerves) Nonetheless it was exciting to watch!

Some things to remember from this night is...
1. Jennifer Bin can't steer
2. Thomas Lee can stuff a lot of marshmallows in his mouth
3. A wooden sled > a plastic sled > a plastic sheet.

uphill trek

FoongLing and Carmen - hill testing


Foong Ling, Jen, Carmen, and Lena before wiping out


tune up

Distance covered via cardboard


Distance covered via vinyl

Jen and... someone really scared.

Michelle and Lena

chubby bunny...