Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Portfolio seminar notes

Portfolio seminar notes (finally)


  • Show your process.
  • Show the final product.
  • Explain the context: cost, time frame, etc.
  • Have a hard copy available.
  • Have a beginning, middle and end.
  • Explain your thought process, and your creative problem solving.
  • Spell things properly.
  • Thank whoever reads your portfolio.
  • Display your contact information clearly.
  • Post your resume
  • Label your work, is it a cellphone or an mp3 player?
  • Have three copies of your PDF file: 1-3 Mb to post on your site, 4-5 higher quality in case they request it and your original.


  • Use fancy flash animations or very intricate menus.
  • Include details about a bad client.
  • Have music playing in the background.
  • Include weaker pieces.
  • Copy and paste school work.
  • Include personal fillers.
  • Don’t use thumbnails or “mystery thumbnails”.
  • Hide your contact information.