Thursday, April 14, 2011

Last Post as VP Publicity

Thank you to the faculty and support staff, without your presence there is no Year End Dinner.

Thank you to the people whose auction bids will help in the relief efforts in Japan. I was absolutely moved by the enthusiasm and generosity demonstrated by our tight-knit family of designers.

Thank you to the fourth years for attending despite promptly returning to studio to finish their boards. I can only hope this dinner will be a memory that you take along with you on your journeys, wherever life may take you. Keep in touch!

Thank you to our DJs, Kenneth, Stu and Doug for keeping the party alive and making sure everyone had a good time well into Wednesday morning.

Thank you to those of you that, despite having an exam during the dinner, still came to party with us at night.

Thank you to those of you that attended despite having an exam the day aft. (This includes our guest DJ Doug.)

Thank you to all that stayed to see all three of our DJs perform, and an even bigger thank you to the select few of you that could stay with us until the very end.

Thank you to everyone that got on the dance floor at least once.

To anyone that bought a drink at least once, Lago thanks you as well.

And thank you to everyone that made sure that their friends, both new and old, made it home safely.

Thank you all,

T. Jason Ham
VP Publicity CIDSA