Monday, January 23, 2012


A lot of you are going to the Interior Design Show this weekend and are wondering what it's going to be like. Will there be a lot of inspiring work? Will I be a hit at all the afterparties? Will Karim Rashid tell me I have great dance moves? Will a studio finally see how talented I look and offer me a job? What does the Anthony Frank Keeler Lamp really look like?

I don't actually know the answers to those questions and you will find them on the weekend. However, here are some photos from last year's IDS to get you excited about what's coming.

The amazing origami lamps from Andrew Ooi

A light system inspired by Buckminster Fuller and one of his students, by Michal Maciej Bartosik. The lattice structure provides immense support for the weight of the lights.

Honeycomb wall decor.

These tinkle wonderfully when you move them, like a wind chime.

By the always wonderful Rich Brilliant Willing.