Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Q — Carleton Engineering LGBTQ Group

C-Eng student groups often go overlooked by CUID students, so I'm here to inform.

Q is home to the queer community within Carleton Engineering.

Gay engineers are like unicorns. The Man says they/we don't exist, but you know they're/we're out there. Q organizes events for queer/questioning/allies/leprechauns/etc to meet and to prove that there are gay men and women out there that are open, nay, PROUD to say that YES, "I AM AN ENGINEER!"

Click on the image to join!

Upcoming events include a trip to Montréal Pride as well as a chance to march in Capital Pride.


I feel as if it is also my responsibility to say to all undergraduates and incoming ID frosh that the school of ID has always been a safe space for LGBT people. Whether you're out or not, you'll often find that your closest allies are with you working every night in studio.


End note: We often forget that we are part of the School of Engineering (& Design). How many of you have gone to a CSES event since EngFrosh? For the most of us, the closest we get to an engineering student generally involves holding the door open for someone in Mackenzie or buying a $1 pizza (!!!) at Leo's. #snob Think about it. Without them we'd be STARVING.