Monday, July 25, 2011

To Co-op or not to Co-op...

Hey fellow IDers!

I'm a second year IDer currently signed onto the coop program but i was just wondering some of the pros and cons about signing up to Co-op for ID. I know it's a tad late but I've got to signup for those online coop courses or drop it and I'd rather not pay for Coop fees if it wouldn't be beneficial.

Being from Ottawa there probably wouldn't be nearly as many intern opportunities as Toronto or other larger cities, so it seems joining the co-op program would be a plus having Carleton lending a hand--or i might have misunderstood and finding a placement, regardless of being in coop or not would still lie solely on us. I also know that the heavy coop fees can leave extra holes in the wallet. Any other benefits or downfalls? Thanks for your time!