Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ottawa Events Calendar: November

Laura Vo, the ultimate Ottawan, has complied a list of designer-y events in the Ottawa area that you might enjoy. You'll be able to find this list and those for upcoming months on the sidebar <------- <------- <------- Here's what's happening in November!


1-14: The Great Craft De-stash (get craft supplies for super cheap!)
2: Basement Artists (young local artists selling their wares at Babylon)
6: Vintage Clothing Sale (the cream of the crop will be found here!)
9-13: Ottawa Food and Wine Show (Goood. Real good. BUT be prepared for lineups!)
26: Idle Hands Craft Sale (cute local artists!)

Here are other sites to check out for more fun/workshops: these happen every month!

La Petite Mort Gallery One Night Stand (the gallery with balls)
Lululemon Yoga and Run Club (free every week! keep fit ya lazy kids)
Trailer Park Bingo at Zaphod`s every Sunday at 9:00-ish (it’s free and you get prizes! It's actually a lot of fun!)
Mod Night at Babylon every Sunday night
80’s Night at Barrymore’s every Sunday
90’s Night at Barrymore’s every Thursday
The Urban Element Workshops on anything food (from how to grill to how to sharpen knives, to mix & match dinners à chefs from 2 different restaurants make a collaborative menu to pair with wine)
Flock Boutique (workshops hosted by cute local ladies!)