Thursday, October 27, 2011

Second Year Reviews : Trophy / Monolith

Double review weeks are the bestttttt. Check out some images of the two second year projects that were due this week.

On Monday/Wednesday we presented our trophies for Form and Colour. The trophies were to reflect a Guiness World Record, be painted two non-primary colours, consist of a sphere/ovoid, curvilinear plane/line, and cylinder/cone, and come in their own unique packaging.

Been singin' those non-primary blues.
Tuesday/Thursday was the deadline for our foam-based Studio project. Monoliths (aka 'monoli') were created to embody abstract or intangible concepts through formalistic relationships. You can see some of the full-sized models (and the products of the resin casting workshop) in the display case by fourth year studio.

So. Much. Foam.

We implore you to share what your year has been up to!