Thursday, October 6, 2011


  • Potluck/Games Night: Pick a movie to play, get games, invite profs...
  • Halloween Paper Bag: October 24th afternoon of decoration! :D (get stickers, pens, markers, paints, pom poms, fuzzy things... etc. glue) stick bags on walls... Take pics for Diane! Monday October 31st: candy swap
  • Silk Screening: 10 positions available, Sign up in pairs, pay Lena in order to register. Get 10 desklamps from Architecture... 
  • Trunk Swap: Semi Fundraiser for CIDSA, collect designer miniatures to cast into necklaces, charms, keychains, silk screen hankerchiefs, make stamps, bake sale etc. to sell get together earlier to bake (November 24) Assign someone to oversee baking...-Review Room Advertise in Arch, CSES
  • Cupcake Contest: Fundraiser/Bake Sale: Sell in front of Leo's or Arch. Decorate cupcakes, teams of three, each team gets 3 cupcakes- provide bulk barn decorations, pick a theme out of a hat... involve other faculties? Bake a day or 2 ahead
  • T-Shirt Contest: No longer mandatory to attend silk-screening workshop... facebook voting?




October 7: Potluck/Games Night        October 14, Friday 5pm-9pm?
October 12: IDS registration Reminder
October 17: Critique Talk               October  21, Friday
October 20: Art Trip       October  27, Thursday
October 21: Halloween Paper Bag       October 24, Monday     
October 28: Figure Drawing      November 4, Friday 3-5 pm
October 31: Silk Screen (Blog Feature)      November 12, Saturday (Time?)


November 9: Collect $ for Silk Screening
November 14: Launch Trunk Swap (Arch/CSES)  November 25
November 21: Cupcake teams signup    December 3
November 30: T-shirt winner announced

Lena: Follow up e-mail- ask people to have things ready for the display case by mid Oct.

Michelle: Ask Valerie about Display Cases, Talk to Hyunji about Workshop

Remi: Blog Banner for the Bulletin Board

Marc: Print T-shirt posters!

Maya: Detailed Itenerary for Silk Screening

Sam: Gather number of people interested in Resin Casting