Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2012 internship opening - designaffairs

designaffairs has openings for a 6month internship starting Feb/March 2012. But you know what that means... six months later, the spot will open up and you can intern there! They also have several branch studios and is an interdisciplinary firm that covers aspects of design strategy, industrial design, branding, user interface design, and moooore.

The requirement says the internships are for highly motivated and top notch students that are in the 5th semester. I have no idea what 5th semester is, so just apply anyway if you think you meet the former criteria haha.

Industrial design (Feb/Mar 2012) - Munich, Erlangen
User interface (Feb/Mar 2012) - Munich
Usability (Mar/Apr 2012) - Munich

good luck!

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