Saturday, February 25, 2012

Trunk Swap 2.0

Hey guys, it's Trunk Swap time again! In case you didn't come to the last one, prepare for delicious food, awesome trades, prof donations, and chill music or maybe a movie in the background :)

There are a few ways to do this:
 1. You bring old stuff you don't want anymore (clothes, small items, big items .. stuff you'd sell at a garage sale) and trade / sell them to other people who will love them more.

 2. Bring art / design / other work that you'd like to sell (or trade) so we can support our own! (please contact us, if there is enough interest we can reserve a separate space for your work!)

 3. Bring delicious food! Please contact Sam M or Zoe D in first year to organize if you'd like CIDSA to make the profit off your food! :D

 4. Just show up, browse, and hope that people will accept cold hard cash (they will!)

 5. Any combination of the above! We'd love it if you came, the more the merrier!