Saturday, February 11, 2012

Third Year Toy Projects

Last semester, the third years designed toys! Here are some that were developed last semester. There were four categories: Eco-Friendly , Heath and well being, Do-it-Yourself and Inclusive Design. Take a look at more of the projects after the JUMP!

Jon Cairns - Inclusive Design Group - This musical ball encourages parallel play among autistic children.
Richard Whittington - Health and Well Being Group - Balooza is a ball shooting game that encourages active play.

(Tyler Pratt - Tramp-O-Lillies)

The Health and Well being design group focused on developing toys that promoted active play and health. The group focused on various age groups that each had a different way of playing and different skills that need to be developed. Tyler's tramp-o-lilies concept encourages active play in children, this helps develop their motor skills and imaginative play.

(Heather Jeffery - Eco-Friendly Storage Blanket)

The Eco-Friendly design group focused on toys that encompassed eco-friendly ideals. This may be through the use of eco-friendly materials, manufacturing processes or educating the user about the importance of the environment, all while being lots of fun of course! Heather's storage blanket makes use of eco-friendly organic materials while encouraging the child to play with and keep all their treasures.

(Kyle Lunau - Inclusive Dart Gun)

The Inclusive Design group focused on designing toys that would be suitable for everyone, including those with special needs. The designs focused on making the toys usable for people with various disabilities, including; vision impairment, developmental disorders, and physical impairment. Featured here, Kyle developed a toy dart gun that is usable with only one arm.

(Owen Sheedy - DIY Marble Game)

The Do-It-Yourself group developed toys that had a "do it yourself" element. Meaning that the user would be encouraged to manipulate and given tools to build parts of the toy themselves. Owen's marble game allows you to manipulate the pieces and create your own track and change it every time you play.